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About Dr. Jackaway


B.A.  History,  Columbia University

M.A.,  PhD., University of Pennsylvania

For three decades, Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway served as a member of the Fordham University faculty. As a media historian, her research and teaching has focused on the impact of new communication technologies on society, debates about freedom of expression in American history, and the role of the media in shaping our understanding of the world. Dr. Jackaway’s approach to these themes is highly interdisciplinary, drawing from her training in both the humanities and the social sciences. 

Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway

Gwenyth Jackaway,  PhD.

As the Associate Chair of the Department of Communication and Media Studies, Dr. Jackaway spearheaded a complete transformation of the undergraduate program. This was a 5-year project, resulting in the creation of 4 new bachelor’s degrees now offered by Fordham.

In preparation for the curriculum redesign, Dr. Jackaway led her colleagues in conducting a study comparing over 100 communication and media degree programs at universities around the country. Remarkably, the study revealed that fewer than 25% of these programs include a ‘media ethics’ requirement for their students. To fill this clear gap, Fordham's new program, “Media With a Mission,” was designed with an emphasis on ethics and social responsibility.
Dr. Jackaway gained additional curriculum design experience as part of a team of faculty convened to develop a new Fashion Studies minor, launched in 2015. This is an interdisciplinary program, bridging theory and practice, which was created at the request of the Fordham Administration to provide students with the opportunity to study fashion within the context of a liberal arts degree.  

Gwenyth Jackaway is the author of Media at War: Radio’s Challenge to the Newspapers, 1924-1939. She has been practicing meditation for over 25 years, and is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor. Gwenyth lives with her son, Dylan, and their dog Appa, in New York City.

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